Immigrant reaches goal with own Company

Immigrant reaches goal with own Company

rafaelRafel Robles ,39 ,is the owner of corporation, a Shell contracting and land developing Company in Bonita Springs, Estero and as far north as cape Coral.

But opening the Company wasn’t easy. Robles was a civil enginner in Peru before he moved to the United States in search of a better life in 2002.

He accomplished his goal of owning his own Company and has buit more tan 350 homes in less than year.

He didn’t speak English and had no idea how the construction industry worked in the United States, but decidied Little by Little he’d pick up what he needed to know, even if it took years and hours of backbreaking work.

“I started working as a laborer because I didn’t know Enlgish and it was hard to understand what was going on” he said about his first construction job upon arriving.

“I always wanted to open my own business but I wasn’t ready at the time. There was too much to learn.”

And the learning didn’t come easy. He spent months practicing his english with coworkers and studying at home in Cape Coral until he felt he learned enoughthat he could start applying for state licenses.

“I used to come (to the United States) for visit and then I saw that there were alot of big áreas where it has to be developed so I left everything in my country and moved to Florida,” he recalls about his first decisión to move.

That’s why he got into the development business after learning english his general contractor’s and underground utility construction liscense.

“The system here is very different because the location of my country requiers us to have a lot of structural system because of earthquakes,” said Robles, who has owned his own business since 2005.

He has more than 100 jobs all over Lee country and hopes to expand in the future.

Rafo corporation specializes in intalling sewer mains, roads and lake excavations, but will also begin building the outer shells of buildings.

“We prepare things whit carpentry, concrete slabs and the another Company comes in and finished everything off,” he said.

Currently Rafo Corporation’s Jobs are mostly in Bonita Springs at Bella Terra, and other locations such as terra.

Rafo corporation

For more information about the Rafo Corporation contac Rafael Robles at 243-1126

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